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10-Inch Random Orbital Car Polisher 3200RPM Two-Handle Buffer Waxer with Polishing Waxing Pads and Gloves for Car Sanding

10-Inch Random Orbital Car Polisher 3200RPM Two-Handle Buffer Waxer with Polishing Waxing Pads and Gloves for Car Sanding

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[Compact Size and Widely Use] Meterk Car Polisher, 10in super large chassis action assures a uniform finish - at a high speed.Suitable for polishing, waxing, marble, wood, wall and motorcycle polishing, rust removal and other cleaning applications.

[Easy Polishing or Buffing] Random orbit polisher, swirl-free polishing /sanding action to minimiz heat and friction to provide surface protection,delivering better finish results,perfectly adapts to different environments and materials.
[Powerful Polisher] Strong motor provides stable speed at 3200rpm for low noise,powerful enough to withstand heavy and long term use.
[Ergonomic Handle]Comfortable two-handle design of the power polisher reduces fatigue and offers a comfortable grip,control the buffer polisher better even working for long hours.
[Carefree Sale Service]Backed by a Meterk carefree service for every purchase. If you don't like this product, contact us in time, we promise to refund unconditionally.

METERK Real Tools Real Life
Powerful motor provides stable speed for low noise. Come with 10inch large random-orbit, swirl-free polishing/ sanding action, can reduce the damage of machine tracks, holograms, burn marks, defects from all painted vehicles, reappearing the shine of your car, which is different from normal polisher or rotary machines.

Dual-action Polisher
The double-handle design improves accuracy and control, facilitates long-term work and reduces fatigue; It is easy to hold and sturdy, ensuring more flexible control and reliable polishing and safer operation.

With Professional Accessories
4pcs types of foam , 2 foam disc for fine waxing and polishing, the wool foam disc and gloves for fine grinding. Integrated wool ingestion shields increase the polisher’s lifespan and reduce costs associated with servicing and repairs.You can choose the appropriate disc according to different needs.

Versatile Applications
Suitable for many types of surfaces, it is a super assistant for your garage, kitchen, bathroom, and stairs. It is suitable for polishing and cleaning tiles. It can also perfectly deal with scratches, blemishes, and rust on objects such as cars, ships, and furniture.

Polishing set*1+
waxing set*2
No need to purchase additional accessories, giving you a professional and comfortable experience.

Be Careful:

1. Please read the manual carefully before use

2. When plugging in the power supply, please check whether the switch is in the off state to avoid sudden start.

3. Be sure to dry the car body before waxing. There should be no water.

4. Waxing operation environment should be clean, dust should be as little as possible, with good ventilation and filtration device.

5. When waxing, the manual sponge and waxing machine sponge should move back and forth in a straight line to prevent strong annular diffusion due to uneven coating.

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