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12V Air Compressor Car Inflator Pump 150PSI Single Cylinder RV Motorcycle Tyre Air Pump Portable Tire Pump Car Accessories

12V Air Compressor Car Inflator Pump 150PSI Single Cylinder RV Motorcycle Tyre Air Pump Portable Tire Pump Car Accessories

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Product Description
Heavy Duty Portable Air Compressor
The air compressor can quickly inflate your car tires when the tire leaks or tire pressure is insufficient. This pump uses a high-quality copper motor, running fast and stable. The inflation speed reaches an amazing 160L / min. Suitable for Cars, Bikes, Motorcycles, RVs, SUVs, ATVs, and Trucks.
  • Fast Inflation

  • All Metal Housing

  • Quick Heat Dissipation

  • Built-In Air Filter

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Key Features
Inflatable Fast & Durable
The pure copper motor has sufficient power so that the air inflator can re-inflate tires in minutes. Max. Working Pressure: 150 PSI. Air Flow: 160 Liters per minute.
Metal Construction
This air compressor is made of heavy-duty metal, which is sturdy, durable, and can be used for a long time. The non-slip rubber feet ensure minimal movement.
Efficient Cooling
The aluminum alloy cooling fins and external anti-scalding fins design can quickly dissipate heat and effectively protect the machine, ensuring safe operation.
Inbuilt Air Filter
The built-in air filter can ensure that only clean air enters, effectively preventing sand and dust from entering the machine.
Insulated Clamps & Pressure Gauge
High-quality battery clamp can connect directly to the vehicle battery, power tire inflator, and other 12-volt devices. The High-precision pressure gauge features a large dial for an accurate reading.
Wide Application
Portable Tire Inflator particularly suitable for SUVs, trucks, vans, RVs, crossovers, MPVs, campers, trailers, minivans, cars, motorcycles, golf carts, bicycles, and more.
  • Air Flow: 160 Liters per Minute

  • Voltage: DC 12V

  • Amperage: 45 Amps

  • Working Pressure: 150 PSI

  • Cylinder Diameter: 2.36 inch (60 mm)

  • PA Pipe: 276inch (7 m)

  • Battery Wire Clip: 79 inch (2 m), 540W

  • Hose: 315 inch (8 m)

  • Gross Weight: 17.62 LBS (7.99KG)

  • Package Dimensions: 15.35'' x 11.42'' x 11.02'' (390 x 290 x 280 mm)

Package Content
  • 1 x Portable Air Compressor

  • 1 x Instruction for Installation

  • 1 x Mounting Hardware(nuts, bolts, locking washer)

  • 1 x Vibration Isolator

  • 1 x Air Cleaner Assembly

  • 1 x Inflation Valve

  • 1 x Spare Air Filtration Chip Stainless Tube

Features & Details
  • 【FAST INFLATION】 - This powerful car tire inflator provides sufficient power, inflation speed reaches 160L / min, 150 PSI working pressure, capable of inflating large tires quickly.

  • 【OVERHEATING PROTECTION】- The unit is equipped with an automatic protection device. In the event the unit reaches an unsafe operating temperature, a protection circuit will cut power to prevent damage to the unit. If the protection circuit activates, immediately disconnect the unit from the power source and allow it to cool.

  • 【ALL METAL HOUSING】- Premium and durable metal body is wear-resistant and durable. Anti-vibration rubber pad design can prevent unwanted movement, ensuring stability.

  • 【QUICK HEAT DISSIPATION】- Heavy Duty Compressor features a Unique fast cooling design for quick heat dissipation, can continuously use time up to several minutes, ensuring long service life.

  • 【BUILT-IN AIR FILTER】- Built-in air filter assures only clean air enters the unit for extended operating life. The pressure gauge has an easy press air bleed-off button for easy tire deflation.

  • Note:
    1.Strictly use it within instructed power voltage DC 12V, do not use high voltage.
    2.The car motor should be started before using.
    3.It's better to stop a while after inflating for 15 minutes to extend the lifespan of the motor.
    4.Generally, when inflate approximately 3 minutes; the normal tire pressure can reach 220KPA. Large tires will need longer time. If the gauge
    pointer rapidly rising when start inflate, means there is no air going though the tire, you must stop and star over, otherwise, the gauge and the
    motor will be damaged.
    1.Insert the plug of the machine's car cigarette lighter.
    2.Open the motor start switch.
    3.The air management end of mouth directly connected into the tire valve can begin.
    4.Inflatable, dashboard pointer will rise with the tire saturation level, when the pointer to proper tire pressure (general tire pressure for the 30-40
    psi), the motor switch, take out the gas nozzle and plug, inflatable work is completed.

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