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12V Cordless Mini Car Polisher Machine Scratches Killer Detailing RO/DA Tools with Sponge Pads Kit Accessories

12V Cordless Mini Car Polisher Machine Scratches Killer Detailing RO/DA Tools with Sponge Pads Kit Accessories

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Rated Voltage (V)

[Item]: Cordless Polishing Machine

[Brand]: SPTA

[Orbit]: 9mm

[Backing Plate] :1.2inch (30mm) 2inch (50mm)



[Function]: Car Waxing, Polishing and Fast Finishing

[Battery life ]: about 45 minutes (depending on the attachment)
[Charging time ]: about 45 to 60 minutes


Unlike other polishing machines, this product can be operated
with one hand. Because of its ergonomic design, this battery polishing
machine is very suitable for hand use. And its volume is not heavy, it
will be easy to use.

Each product comes with two batteries and a battery charger. It
only takes 22-24 minutes to charge the battery, and each charge allows
you to run for 30 minutes under full load. These two battery packs allow
you to use one of them in the tool and charge the other, so you don’t
have to worry about the battery running out of power. At the same time,
the cordless charged polishing machine also solves the problem of
plugging in, even if it is out of the door

When using it, directly adjust the switch button to the right.
The "+" and "-" signs on the machine can be adjusted according to your
own use.

The head of the machine is made of metal, and the fine
workmanship allows the user to have a better feel and the machine can be
polished better. And can help you clean hard-to-reach areas, such as
paint areas, headlights, edges and so on.


Make sure that the machine is not tilted during the polishing process, this could damage the bearings.

Never operate the machine with excessive pressure, it should be about 0.5 kg, including the weight of the machine.

Protect the machine from contamination by varnish, water, oil and other liquids.

Store this machine in a cool, dry, frost-free place.


Step One

Step Two

Step Three

Look for the locking hole.

Insert the pin into the locking hole and keep
it still. Rotate clockwise to install the polishing plate;Rotate the
polishing plate counterclockwise to remove it.

Turn the thread with a wrench

Step Four

Step Five

Step Six

Insert the battery into the bottom battery hole.

Toggle the switch, the light is on, and the machine starts to run.
The "+" and "-" on both sides of the indicator can adjust the gear
according to need.

Use the plug provided by the manufacturer to charge the battery.

Rotary & Dual Action:

After installing the eccentric shaft, this machine is a dual action polishing machine.

Use the key to cancel the disc, and then use the small wrench in the set to remove the eccentric shaft

Then install the disk on the machine, it is a rotary polisher.

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