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32/40/50L Car Fridge 12V Portable Compressor Cooler Mini Fridge Auto Freezer Caravan Truck Travel Home Camping Refrigerator

32/40/50L Car Fridge 12V Portable Compressor Cooler Mini Fridge Auto Freezer Caravan Truck Travel Home Camping Refrigerator

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The Reason Why You Need A Portable Fridge

-Reason 1
Keep your lunch tasty when you have a long drive or work in the truck
-Reason 2
Keep your food fresh when you cook or barbeque in the weekend travel
-Reason 3
Keep your drinks frozen and you can drink them anytime, anywhere

Low Consumption, Save Energy and Power

Only need 1kWh to power the refrigerator for 24 hours in ECO mode.
ECO mode is 20% lower consumption than MAX mode.

Compressor Technology Cooling

Low noise, only 45dB when the compressor work.

Faster Cooling Technology For Compressor

Compressor technology reduces 20°C/68°F to 0°C/32°F in just 15 minutes.

Different Cooling Zone

Separated from meat and fruits
Big capacity which can hold enough 3-5days food for two people.

Adapt to Three Different Voltage

12/24V for the car or van and 220V for your home or campsite
Plugin and cool foods and drinks with 3 different input options.

Environmentally Friendly Food-safe Materials

The PU material reduces the loss of cold, it keeps at 0℃ for three days and returns to normal temperature within six days.

Product Details

LCD Screen
Precise Temperature Control
3 Power Modes Protect Your Car's Battery
Moveable Handle, Easy-to-carry
Fast-cooling Aluminum Liner
Dual-Zones with a Basket
Find Food Fast with the Built-in LED Light


【50L Large Capacity】Can put 13 x 750ml red wine; with sorting basket, have cool and freeze area, dual-use, perfect fit for a long journey.
【60W Low-energy, Electricity Saving】Equal to the car navigation consumption
【Power Off Memory Function】Built-in memory chip, recover the work mode when you use it next time
【Intelligence Temperature-controlled】German Converter technique, Stop cooling when the preset temperature is reached, Last over 8 hours after turning off the cooler
【Car Batteries Protection】Build-in ECO, check the voltage of the battery, cut off automatically in low-power
【Work Stable】Even in 30° tilt situation, keep working without any problem
【Intelligent Touch Screen】Comes with LCD, Touch Screen, Touch-sensitive, accurately control from +10℃ to -20℃
【PP Material】Well Insulated, Safe and Non-poisonous, Not easy to corrosion, Anti-shock
【Dual Charging Methods】 can be plugged in domestic and outdoor(AC 100V-240V, DC 12V-24V)
【Dual Working Mode】Work with ECO mode or MAX mode, ECO mode power consumption is 80% of MAX mode.
【Insulation Layer Inner Box with German Microcellular Foam Technique】High density environmentally friendly PU material, insulate longer time
【Food Grade Liner】 Painted aluminum alloy of food-grade. Compared with the plastic inside, the cooling speed is more than 2 times faster.
【Effectively Keep Cool】Lasting preservation over 20 hours; Experimental Test: Under circumstance temperature of 25℃ ~ 30 ℃, from lowest temperature back to 0℃ need about 24 hours with a fulfilled water.

Special Features:

1. Fast Cooling, Energy Saving: No ice needed, range from +10℃ to -20℃. It only needs 15 mins from 25℃ to 0℃. The portable freezer has 2 modes: ECO and MAX.60W rated power in MAX mode, which means 1 kWh can be used for one day. You can store vegetables, fruits, frozen meat, cheese, and ice cream.
2. Low noise, Safe Driving: With 45dB of low noise when it is running, you can get a cozy sleep after long-distance tiring driving and stay focused on the road. With battery protection function, it does not affect the normal start of the car.
3. 50L Capacity with 2 Separated Area: With a 10L-refrigerated area and 40L- freezing area, the 50L truck refrigerator can store the food that you need for a week. Without worrying about eating fast food, you can save money and enjoy cold drinks on the road. Car refrigerator for drinks is perfect for truck drivers, RVs, campsites, boats, camping, fishing, road trips. Dimensions: 654 x 345 x 527 mm
4. LED Display Control: The travel fridge for a car has the digital thermostat control, accurately mastered every 1 °C. Built-in LED light, more convenient to take things. There is also a handy LED light in the freezer that makes it easier to locate items if you’re searching for a late-night snack in the dark. The lid of the cooler fridge for the car can be used as a table and you can place the cup on the cupholder.
5. Car and Home Use: DC power cord and AC power cord included make it can be used in car and home.Ideal for semi-truck, Van, RV.


-Item Size: 654 x 345 x 527 mm
-Frost Zone Size: 322L x 270W x 390H mm
-Chill Space Size: 125L x 270W x 225H mm
-Item Weight: 21 kg
-Cooling System: Compressor Cooling
-Cooling Range: +10℃ to -20℃
-Input Voltage: 12V / 24V / 100-220V

-Item Size: 654 x 345 x 442 mm
-Frost Zone Size: 322L x 270W x 305H mm
-Chill Space Size: 125L x 270W x 144H mm
-Item Weight: 18 kg
-Cooling System: Compressor Cooling
-Cooling Range: +10℃ to -20℃
-Input Voltage: 12V / 24V / 100-220V

-Item Size: 654 x 345 x 377 mm
Frost Zone Size: 322L x 270W x 240H mm
Chill Space Size: 125L x 270W x 79H mm
-Item Weight: 16.3KG
-Cooling System: Compressor Cooling
-Cooling Range: +10℃ to -20℃
-Input Voltage: 12V / 24V / 100-220V

Package Include:

1 × Refrigerator
1 × User manual (6 languages: English, Russian, Spanish, German, French, Italian)
1 × 220V wall plug and adaptor
1 × 12V adaptor for vehicle auxiliary port
1 × Removable basket
1 × Handle and screwdriver kit

What size portable fridge do you need?

Large fridges mean greater capacity, but they'll take up more space in your car. When choosing a fridge, measure the space inside your vehicle to make sure it will fit, including the additional height of any mounting hardware or slides. Also, consider clearance for any vents and make sure you'll have enough room to open the lid.

Sizes are listed in liters, but this can be hard to visualize so we've included a universally recognized unit of measure – cans of drink.

25L & under (30 cans)
Those are suitable for keeping lunch and drinks cold in a work truck for you and your colleague. They're also a good option if you need to keep medicines refrigerated and close to hand.

32L (46 cans)
Ideal for a weekend away for two people, or a whole week if you're driving solo.

40L (62 cans)
The most common or 'standard' size, 40L fridges are great for two or three people for a long weekend.

50L (76 cans)
Suitable for a whole week's adventure for two people, or a long weekend for a family.


1. Press the (On/Off) key for 3 seconds to turn on/standby the refrigerator.
2. Touch the(+ or -) key to adjust the temperature.
3. Press the (+ or -) key for a long time. The preset temperature is linearly adjusted with a speed of 2°C. During the adjustment, the number does not flicker.
4. Within 3 seconds after the operation panel has not detected any key operation, the temperature display will stop flashing, exit the temperature setting, and save the currently set temperature.

How to operate the car fridge:


1. Make sure that the power voltage connected to the car refrigerator is correct at any time (parameter labels have car refrigerator verification voltage parameters.
2. Do not pour the liquid directly into the car refrigerator. It is forbidden to transform refrigerators privately to avoid danger.
3. Refrigerator should not be exposed to the rain or the sun directly.
4. After the power is on, the different temperatures of the side and the middle will be about 3 degrees.
5. The refrigerator will turn off after the car is off and you can plug it into a socket that has power.
*The display shows the average temperature inside the refrigerator. The temperature at the midpoint of the refrigerator is close to the displayed temperature, and the temperature difference is within ±5℃

Warranty or returns:

The product is protected by a manufacturer's warranty for 1 year. The seller also offers customer service assistance for life. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns. We will do our best to help resolve any issues.
Products ship from Spain and France using Cainiao Warehouse Express Shipping. The seller accepts returns within 7 days of receipt for any quality issues.


1. What should I pay attention to when using the refrigerator for the first time?
After receiving the refrigerator, first, let the refrigerator stand for 12 hours, and wait for the refrigerant in the refrigerator to stabilize. After turning on the refrigerator, work with the empty box to test the cooling effect. After reaching the set temperature, put things in, and the cooling effect will be faster and more stable.

2. Can the fridge connect to a solar panel?
Yes, you can with a parallel battery.

3. Can it use Bluetooth to control in a smartphone?
Sorry, it cannot support Bluetooth.

4. What do I need to do when showing E1?
E1 usually means car voltage is too low to support the fridge work, so please adjust to Low mode and restart it after 3min.

5. what is the length of the fridge if without handles?
The length of the fridge is about 57cm if you don't install the handles, which can perfectly fit in your car cabinet or others space.

6. Can the fridge ship to the Canary Islands?
Sorry, it doesn't support shipping to the Canary Islands.

Extra Accessories

Please contact us if you need


18 Liters

22 Liters

25 Liters

28 Liters

32/40/50 Liters

Temperature Range

From 10℃ to -22℃

From 10℃ to -22℃

From 10℃ to -22℃

From 55℃ to -22℃

From 10℃ to -22℃

From 10℃ to -20℃


12/24V DC and 220V AC

12/24V DC and 220V AC

12/24V DC and 220V AC

12/24V DC and 220V AC

12/24V DC and 220V AC

Average Power Consumption






Product Size

570 * 320 * 285 mm

576 * 320 * 330 mm

570 * 320 * 350 mm

576 * 320 * 395 mm

654 * 345 * 377 mm

654 * 345 * 442 mm

654 * 345 * 527 mm

Space For

330ml cans

30 Bottles

30 Bottles

33 Bottles

40 Bottles

46/62/76 Bottles



LCD touch screen panel

Button panel

LCD touch screen panel

Button panel

LCD touch screen panel

Net Weight

8.7 KG

9.7 KG

9.5 KG

10 KG

11.6/12.5/16.4 KG

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