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AC/DC Adapter / Portable Travel Bag / Holder for Car Coffee Maker Portable Espresso Machine

AC/DC Adapter / Portable Travel Bag / Holder for Car Coffee Maker Portable Espresso Machine

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Please kindly let you know that this is the link refer to AC/DC adapter for the Car Coffee Maker only.Not included the Machine body.

If you are interested in the Car Coffee Machine,please refer to the separated below link.

FAQ-General Question

Q: What is the delivery time?

A: It will be 7-45 day,depends on where are you located

Q: Is it free shipping?

A: Yes, we will select shipping company and cover the shipping cost on our side, so please do not select shipping company when you order unless you are going to pay for the shipping cost to use Fedex service, Please kindly note the shipping cost does not include the custom duty.

Q: What is the shipping preparation time?

A: Within 2~3 day unless specified.

Q: Can you do B2B/OEM/blind drop business?

A: Yes, we are manufacturer and open to discuss, please contact the seller via:

Q: Can it also heats cold water Before it goes through the coffee capsule?

A:yes, It can heat up cold water with the cigarette plug for car as well as AC adapter at home or office, for USB cable, however, you should pour into hot water.

Q: Which set to buy if to make hot coffee at home or office? Can I use my mobile phone adapter for heating cold water

A: Please choose the one with AC adapter which is designed for this appliance, your mobile phone adapter is not powerful enough for this appliance.

Q: Is the car coffee maker rechargeable?

A: No ,there is no battery inside, so , you can carry on airplane without problem.

Q: How long should I wait to get hot coffee done?

A: It takes about 5~6  minute to make hot coffee.

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