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Citrus Juicer,200W Stainless Steel Orange Lemon Electric Set Juicer,Hard-Core Press Juicer,Aluminum Die -Casting Handle

Citrus Juicer,200W Stainless Steel Orange Lemon Electric Set Juicer,Hard-Core Press Juicer,Aluminum Die -Casting Handle

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MIUI Planetech Press Juicer

Designed for commercial use by cafés, restaurants, and hotels, as well as any other kind of establishment that specializes in food and beverages, the Professional Series is a collection of commercial juicers with enhanced performance that make it possible for users to achieve high levels of productivity.

Fresh Vitamin C & Delicious to Share

In our daily life, we need to consume enough vitamin C to boost our skin metabolism. Extracting fresh vitamin C with MIUI Citrus Juicer is nutritious and suitable for both young and old.

Can You Stop It From Running?

200W power pure copper core motor can surpass the torque generated by 600W AC motor. Even a weightlifter with a grip strength of more than 100 kg still cannot stop the rotation of the motor gear.

Squeeze Every Drop

MIUI Citrus Juicer includes 2 models of cones, so you can use them to squeeze various fruits such as lime, lemon, orange, grapefruit, etc. The powerful twist gives it a super high juice extraction rate to get the most out of each fruit's nutrients!

Easy Operation & Effortless

Easy accessory installation steps in 5 seconds!

Powed by Optimal Design of The Reliability of Planetary Transmission System has been increased by 300 Kgfcm over that of the motor in household models, thus offering greater power and efficiency.

It is not only energy-saving and environmentally friendly, but also brings extremely easy operation experience and high-yield demand.

More Power & Higher Extraction

Maximum Extraction, Minimum Effort.

Compare MIUI Planetech Press Juicer with the Planetary Transmission System innovation technology to similar products of the same power.

The motor can break the limit of working for 2 hours and still work safely and stably
Other products can only work for 15 minutes or less. Exceeding the time limit will cause the motor to burn.

BPA-free & Safer Material

The filter inside MIUI citrus juicer is made of stainless steel, BPA-free. stylish and luxurious rust-proof stainless steel, making it safer, more hygienic and long-lasting.

Clever Design of The Spout

Simply lift the spout gently and the juice will be locked in place to prevent dripping. Press the spout gently and the juice gushes down.

Easy to Clean

You can wash the accessories of the machine by hand with water or directly in the dishwasher. Please note that after washing, please dry it promptly.

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