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Electric Peanut Butter Machine Grinder 500Ml Peanut Nut Deep-Fried Grinder Butter Coffee Maker Grinding Machine Cooking Tool

Electric Peanut Butter Machine Grinder 500Ml Peanut Nut Deep-Fried Grinder Butter Coffee Maker Grinding Machine Cooking Tool

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500ml Home Electric Grinding Mechanism for Peanut Butter Maker Coffee Grinder Food Processor with Non-Slip Base Hourglass Inlet ABS+Stainless Steel


Name: Mini peanut grinder
Capacity: 500ml
Rated voltage: 220 V
Rated frequency: 50 HZ
Rated power: 150 W
Product size: about 16.5 * 26.5 * 10 cm / 6.50 * 10.43 * 3.9 inches
Weight: about 1.35kg
No-load power: about 70W. Load power: about 120W.

Package Included

1 *Grinder


1. DIY production: The grinder supports homemade peanut butter, you can add fresh ideas, sugar substitutes or anything you like during the operation.
2. Easy to operate: the mill is easy to use, just press the switch button, you can get a variety of healthy food.
3. Food preservation: After making food with a grinder, putting the food in the refrigerator is a good choice. The shelf life is about 2 months.
4. Healthier food: Use a grinder to make your own food, it must be healthier and safer than the food bought in the store.
5. Food choices: The factory can grind various nuts, including peanuts, cashews, almonds, hazelnuts, macadamia nuts and sunflower seeds.


The motor speed is relatively fast, try not to run idling, do not use hot peanuts, fried peanuts will be beaten when they are cold. The use time should not be too long, about 5-10 minutes, turn off the machine and let it cool down before continuing, otherwise the machine will be damaged due to the high temperature.

500ML household grain grinder

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Highest quality

This peanut butter machine allows you to perfectly control the grinding size, and even grind evenly to obtain a complete peanut flavor. The peanut butter ground by this peanut butter machine has a strong and pure peanut flavor, smooth taste and rich peanut flavor.

Funnel-shaped prolactin cup

to prevent excessive coffee beans from entering the grinding disc, to ensure that the coffee beans are full, and the effect is better.

Easy to use and easy to clean

The design of the grinder is easy to disassemble and easy to clean. It is convenient for you to clean the coffee and give you time to enjoy a cup of coffee. Just press the switch button to get a variety of healthy foods.

Family can make peanut butter and add other nuts at the same time, which is healthier and safer than nuts bought in stores. Fresh nuts can also be added with sweeteners and spices, such as honey, chocolate, sugar, cinnamon and salt.

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