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EK Stock Upgraded Timing Control Chicken House Automatic Door Opener 110-220V Pets Dog Door Opener Power Failure Protection

EK Stock Upgraded Timing Control Chicken House Automatic Door Opener 110-220V Pets Dog Door Opener Power Failure Protection

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Automatic Chicken Coop Door Opener With our chicken door opener, it not only creates a safe house to your chickens and ducks, but also saves your time, greatly bring convenience to poultry keepers. Set the opening time and closing time according to different seasons, and the appliance can open in the morning and close in the evening automatically at a certain time you set.


Input voltage: 110V-220V
Motor voltage: 12V DC
Motor moving speed: 5mm/s
Material: Aluminum
Power: 66W
Environmental conditions from: -30°C to 55°C
Protection level: IP44
Door width, door height: 300×300

【Automatic chicken door opener:】

The time for opening and closing the door of the chicken house can be controlled by setting the time;With this automatic chicken door opener, you will no longer need to get up early to put the chickens, and ensure you have enough sleep; Use the chicken door opener to protect your chickens at night and let them come out in the morning;

【Braided rope design】

The braided rope design prevents the door from closing on top of any late-arriving Chicken, to protect your chicken from being crushed to death, providing convenient and safe protection.The braided rope can be replaced freely, so there is no trouble that it cannot be replaced due to damage to the tension rod;

【High-quality aluminum alloy anti-rust】

It is made of high-quality aluminum alloy material, which is not easy to bend or break and provides a long service life. The chicken coop door opener can help you to stop the prying up the door and carrying away your chickens at night.In addition, when the automatic door is opened and closed, the sound is small, and it is not easy to scare chickens and ducks.

Power failure protection:no need to reset the time

When the battery box is opened, AA battery can be installed to meet the 6V setting, which can ensure that the circuit board can work normally when the power is off

【Intelligent remote control】

The package is equipped with two remote controls, which can easily remotely operate the chicken door from 130 feet away; the door itself also includes manual control when needed;

【Widely application】

The automatic chicken cage door suitable for all standard size chicken breeds, hens and ducks, and is especially suitable for chicken farms or duck farms.You don't need to get up in the morning to open the door of the chicken house, and you don't have to worry about forgetting to lock the door of the chicken house at night.

Large Hinged Door

Aluminum alloy door

Package included

Automatic Chicken Door Opener Kits x 1
Installation Kits x 1

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