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Leather Cutting Cold Drawn Steel with 260 X 150 MM Black Upper Platen Manual Die Cutter Embossing Machine PVC Paper

Leather Cutting Cold Drawn Steel with 260 X 150 MM Black Upper Platen Manual Die Cutter Embossing Machine PVC Paper

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Product Description

Features & Details

  • 【RUGGED & SOLID】- Machine is of 45# cold drawn steel construction with black oxidation treatment. Advanced needle bearing is able to withstand larger load and remarkable surge suppression. With applicable pressing range of 26x15cm (10.2"x6").
  • 【STRONG BEARING CAPACITY】- With integrally forged needle roller bearing, dual guiding shafts, and pressure-relief PP pad, the machine is able to bear the pressure of 1.5 ton (3307 lb).
  • 【SUPERIOR STABILITY】- The guiding shafts are integrally turned, with silicone-manganese steel spring wire, providing more stabilized application. The upgraded asymmetric bottom plate ensures strong stability.
  • 【CAREFREE OPERATION】- Adjustable pressure stroke, 12mm (0.47") maximum. Even people with less strength can operate with ease.
  • 【WIDE APPLICATION】- Capable of cutting various of materials, such as fabric leather, foamed PVC/EVA, stickers, plastic/rubber sheet, middle or soft sheet material, etc.

Key Features

  • Premium Material

    Made of 45# Cold Drawn Steel, which has been tested multiple times, with good rigidity and durability. The surface is treated with an oxidized black finish for rust-proof.

  • Pressure-Relief Pad

    The bottom of PP pad is not flat, with high around and concave in the middle, which helps to disperse the pressure and prevent the steel from deforming under pressure.

  • Self-Lubricating Cooper Sleeve

    Comes with self-lubricating copper sleeve, no need to refuel, and maintenance-free for life.

  • Durable Needle Bearing

    Adopts needle roller bearing, the radial structure is compact and has high load bearing capacity. Integrally forged, with no welding marks.

  • Double Guiding Shaft

    The jack-prop and jacking are integrally turned, with silicone-manganese steel spring wire. Balanced force is guaranteed by dual guiding shafts, which ensures large space and effort-saving operation.

  • Large Bottom Plate

    The upgraded bottom plate, with an increased area, adopts special asymmetric design, which is more stable and has a strong bearing capacity.
Manual Leather Cutting Machine
Elegant black manual leather cutting machine with 26 x 15 cm (10.2" x 6") upper platen, suitable for various of materials. Made of #45 cold drawn steel, with adjustable up and down height, able to withstand pressure of 1.5 ton (3307 lb). The maximum feed width is 30cm (11.81") and the maximum cutting thickness is 10mm (0.39"). The leather cutting machine is doubtless to reveal its high performance.
  • Rugged & Solid
  • Strong Bearing Capacity
  • Superior Stability
  • Carefree Operation
  • Material: 45# Cold Drawn Steel
  • Upper platen size: 260x150 mm (10.2x6.2 inch)
  • Feed width: 300 mm (11.81 inch)
  • Pressure: 1.5 tons (3307 lbs)
  • Pressure stroke: 12 mm (0.47 inch)
  • Max cutting thickness: 10 mm (0.39 inch)
  • Nylon plate: 200x300x12 mm (7.87x11.81x0.47 inch)
  • Package size: 48x35x31 cm (19x14x12 inch)
  • Gross weight: 37.52 kg (82.72 lbs)
Package Content
  • 1 x Manual Leather Cutting Machine
  • 1 x Allen Wrench & Spanner
Upper Platen 360*220MM(14.17"x8.66") 180*120MM(7.08"x4.72") 280*140MM(11.02"x5.5") 200*140MM(7.87"x5.51") 260*120MM(10.2"x4.7") 260*150MM(10.25"x6")
Material 45# Cold Drawn Steel 45# Cold Drawn Steel 45# Cold Drawn Steel 45# Cold Drawn Steel 45# Cold Drawn Steel 45# Cold Drawn Steel
Pressure 1.5ton (3300lb) 1.5ton (3300lb) 1.5ton (3300lb) 1.5ton (3300lb) 1.5ton (3300lb) 1.5ton (3300lb)
Feed Width 15.7"(400MM) 8.27"(210MM) 11.1"(280MM) 8.27"(210MM) 11.81"(300MM) 11.81"(300MM)
Max Stroke 0.59"(15MM) 0.47"(12MM) 0.47"(12MM) 0.39"(10MM) 0.47"(12MM) 0.39"(10MM)


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