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Nivel Laser Level 360 Auto Self-Leveling with Tripod and Staff Kit 500M Range Professional Rangefinder Construction Tools

Nivel Laser Level 360 Auto Self-Leveling with Tripod and Staff Kit 500M Range Professional Rangefinder Construction Tools

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Product Description
Rotary Laser Level Kit (Green/Red Laser) / Tripod and Staff Kit
The rotary level has reached the industrial level and can emit a precise red beam for horizontal, vertical, and directional scanning. With 500 m working distance and 360-degree rotatable design, this rotating laser level creates stable scan lines for maximum visibility in light conditions. The sturdy yet lightweight aluminum tripodfeatures a quick-release flat head to mount and securely hold your instrument easily. Our rotary self-level laser is widely used in construction projects, large equipment installation, room decorating, etc.

Friendly Note:
The laser level, tripod, and staff kit may be in different stocks, so they may be sent separately.
Pls do not worry, you will receive ALL the parcels in recent days after the order.
  • High Accuracy Measurement

  • 360-Degree & 500M Scanning

  • Self-Leveling & Auto-Alignment

  • Adjustable & Stable Tripod

  • Sturdy Leveling Staff

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Key Features
High Precision Measurement
The laser level, tripod, and staff combination support a maximum working distance of 500 m and accurate measurement. Widely used in architecture construction and indoor decorating.
360-Degree Rotation
The rotary level laser provides an advanced 360-degree rotary laser module, emitting highly visible and focused red beams with 635 nm wavelength.
Self-Leveling Function
When the slope angle is within ±5 degrees, the line laser with remote can be leveled automatically, controlled by the temperature-stable sensor.
Extendable Aluminum Tripod
The tripod's height is adjustable within 3.41-5.41 ft and is fixed by quick-locking clamps. Three fixed tip feet can be easily inserted into the ground to keep the tripod stable.
5-Section Staff
The leveling staff has five telescoping sections with 16.4 ft/5 m length after full stretching, which almost keeps straight and is not shaky at the joints.
Dual Sided Scale
The telescoping leveling rod has double-sided precise scales, which can be used for accurate measurement and rough measurement, respectively.
  • Rotary Laser Level Kit (Green/Red Laser)

  • Leveling Accuracy: ±20"

  • Leveling Range: ±5°

  • Measuring Range: Diameter: 500 m (using the laser detector)

  • Spinning Speed: 0/60/120/300/600 rpm

  • Directional-Scanning Angle: 0°/10°/45°/90°/180°

  • Slope-Adjusting Range: ±5° (Bi-Directional)

  • Light Source: Laser Diode, Wavelength: 635 nm

  • Down Point Diode: Accuracy: ±1 mm/1.5 m

  • Remote Controlling Distance: Approximately 20 m

  • Waterproof: IP54

  • Power Supply: 220V

  • Rechargeable Battery: DC 4.8-6V

  • Continuous Work: 20 hours

  • 5.41 ft Tripod and 16.4 ft Staff Kit

  • Material: Aluminum

  • Tripod Height: 3.41-5.41 ft/1.04-1.65 m

  • Staff Length: 16.4 ft/5 m

  • Tripod Weight: 7.94 lb/3.6 kg

  • Staff Weight: 3.53 lb/1.6 kg

Package Content
  • Rotary Laser Level Kit (Green/Red Laser)

  • 1 x Rotary Laser

  • 1 x Carrying Case

  • 1 x Pair of Glasses

  • 1 x Laser Detector

  • 1 x Laser Target

  • 1 x Remote Control

  • 1 x Charger

  • 2 x Keys

  • 1 x User Manual

  • 5.41 ft Tripod and 16.4 ft Staff Kit

  • 1 x Tripod

  • 1 x Staff

  • 1 x Packet

Here we will provide you rotary laser level kit and rotary laser level.
  • 【Type A】 - Rotary Laser Level (Green/Red Laser)5.41 ft Tripod and 16.4 ft Staff Kit

  • 【Type B】 -  Rotary Laser Level (Green/Red Laser)

Features & Details
  • 【HIGH ACCURACY MEASUREMENT】 - This laser level system includes laser level, tripod, and staff, which provides high precision measurement and a working range of 500 m. Our laser level is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, perfect for marking out, performing accurate frame and truss work, carpentry, shelving, etc.

  • 【360-DEGREE & 500M SCANNING】 - The outdoor laser level provides a 360-degree scanning with clear, bright, and stable lines. Used with the laser detector, the rotary laser level's measuring range will reach 500 m in diameter. It also comes with laser glasses to easily see the laser in strong sunlight.

  • 【SELF-LEVELING & AUTO-ALIGNMENT】 - The laser level rotating is auto-controlled to align and adjust the line within the self-leveling range of ±5 degrees. With the most advanced positioning system, it makes your works more efficient and accurate.

  • 【ADJUSTABLE & STABLE TRIPOD】 - The contractor tripod's height can be adjusted by three locking screws, which reaches 5.41 ft/1.65 m when all three legs are fully extended. Three fixed tip feet can be easily inserted into the ground to keep the equipment stable during operation.

  • 【STURDY LEVELING STAFF】 - With five telescoping sections, our telescoping rod provides enough length, up to 16.4 ft/5 m, to meet your different measurement needs. The rod is designed with a dual-sided scale in metric and stored in a robust carrying bag.

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