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RL-870C Intelligent Auto Film Cutting Machine Mobile Phone LCD Screen Protect Cutter Hydrogel Film Cutting for Iphone Cut Tool

RL-870C Intelligent Auto Film Cutting Machine Mobile Phone LCD Screen Protect Cutter Hydrogel Film Cutting for Iphone Cut Tool

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High-quality accessories, intelligent precisiion cutting

Adjust the cutting position / depth of precisiion is extremely accurate / hole position is precise / perfect fit

Imported high precisiion industrial grade cutting head

Retractable, disassembled, replaced

Fine aperture · Durable · Physically adjustable cutting head under pressure

Smooth cuts and perfect details

Smooth cut without cutting hands

Applicable to all kinds of mobilee phone before and after film cutting, smooth cut, feel good, highlight the quality, perfect fit with the front and back of the phone

Precisiion pressure roller

Guide rail design, free displacement

Cell phone film cutting

IIPAD film cutting


Accurate hole position and perfect fit

Front film and back film

Language can be switched at will

Russian/German/Italian/French/Polish/Simplified Chinese/English/Portuguese/Spanish

Suitable for mobilee phone stores, accessory stores, repair shops, digital goods stores, mobilee phone repair tool shops, personal entrepreneurship, etc.


Cloud database/Universal film/Bluetooth connection

Intelligent precisiion cutting

Entrepreneurial artifact

Suitable for mobilee phone front/rear film, watch, AirPodss, camera,IIPad, etc.

Imported cutting head

Precisiion cutting

APP smart operation

Mobilee phone operation, Bluetooth connection, APP remote control

Have a separate operating system, no need to connect to a computer

Cloud Database - Live Update

Full rangee of models, real-time update of data, complete and powerful mobilee phone models

Complete film category/Support customization



Product Name: Intelligent cutting machine

Model: RL-870C

Product Size: 500*200*180mm

Net Weight: 580*310*265mm/Box
Gross Weight: About 5.8kg

Net Weight: About 7.5kg/Box

Cutting Accuracy: ±0.1mm
Repeat Accuracy: ±0.1mm

Cutting Speed: 300-600mm/s (4 files)

Cutting Pressure: 30-90 Digital gear (5 files)

Data Transmission Methodd: Mobilee phone Bluetooth APP data output
Input Voltage/Current : DC24V 2A

Power: ≤48W

Working Temperature: -5℃~ +45℃

Package Included:

1 x Intelligent Phone Screen Film Cutting Machine

1 x English User Manual

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