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Rotary Table 4 INCH/100 MM Horizontal Vertical Rotary Table 4-Slot Rotary Table for Milling Machine MT-2 Rotary Table

Rotary Table 4 INCH/100 MM Horizontal Vertical Rotary Table 4-Slot Rotary Table for Milling Machine MT-2 Rotary Table

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4"/100mm Rotary Table 4-Slot Horizontal Vertical Rotary Table

The mill rotary table is one of the main accessories of milling machine. As a precision work positioning device, it is widely used for indexing drilling, milling, circumferential cutting, boring, etc. The rotary turn table for milling machine is made from HT200 casting with high quality. It has already passed the ISO9001 quality system certification. They are are very popular on the market for their superior performance, excellent design and reasonable cost.

4" Vertical & Horizontal Design
Remarkable Quality
Excellent Precision
Multiple Application
Convenient To Adjust

Features & Details

【4" VERTICAL & HORIZONTAL DESIGN】- Our rotary table for milling machine is 4"/100mm with 4 slot can be used in both horizontal and vertical positions, meeting two functions and also bringing you convenient as well as efficient milling experience. Center Bore: MT-2, Reduction ratio: 1:36.
【REMARKABLE QUALITY】- HT200 Casting is mainly used to cast parts subjected to pressure and vibration on mechanical equipment, offering rotary table for milling durability, shock absorption and heat-resistantance.
【EXCELLENT PRECISION】- The precision rotary table' indexing plate can be graduated 360 Degrees. Resetting dial and hand wheel can be graduated in seconds. The minimum scale is calibrated to 10 seconds with high precision.
【CONVENIENT TO ADJUST】- The dial is marked with an accurate scale. Just operate the control handle and adjust it to the desired position, which makes it possible to use it easily and conveniently.
【MULTIPLE APPLICATION】- With free wrench and set of screws, the power milling machines are widely used in mini milling machine like index boring, milling, circle cutting, spot facing and boring hole and so on. Practical design can meet a variety of workshop work needs.


Table Diameter: 4"/100mm
Center Bore: MT-2
Material: HT200 Casting
Reduction Ratio: 1:36
Horizontal Height : 2.76"/70mm
Net Weight: 33.07"/15kg

Package Content

1 x Vertical and Horizontal Rotary Working Table
1 x Wrench
1 x Screw Set

Vertical & Horizontal Design

Both vertical and horizontal with two functions. Circle cutting, indexing drilling, milling and more complicated work are possible when the vertical position of the table is used together with the tail part.

HT200 Casting

Milling table is of good casting performance like mill vise, shock absorption performance as well as high strength heat resistance.

Excellent Precision

The dial is divided into 360 degrees in total. The handle is 4 degrees per revolution. The minimum scale can be accurate to 10 seconds

Easy to Adjust

Just adjust the handle to the position where you want as the precise scale is marked on the dial.

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