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Stainless Steel 1KG 15-In-1 Automatic Bread Maker 600W Programmable Bread Machine with 3 Loaf Sizes Fruit Nut Dispenser

Stainless Steel 1KG 15-In-1 Automatic Bread Maker 600W Programmable Bread Machine with 3 Loaf Sizes Fruit Nut Dispenser

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15 Fully Automatic Pre-programmed Menu Options

3 Crust Colors and 3 Loaf Sizes

Intelligent Automatic Design

Powerful Motor and Uniform Heating

Easy to Clean and Operate

Useful Accessories and Recipe Guide Included

15 Fully Automatic Pre-programmed Menu Options:

15 programs with unique knob design, twist the knob, automatically make your favorite bread taste or other delicious food, including Basic Bread, French Bread, Whole-wheat Bread, Quick Bread, Sweet Bread, Sandwich, Gluten-free Bread, Mix. Even special menu functions for Yogurt, Dessert, Dough, Jam, Cake, Bake and DIY your Homemade Bread.

"CalmDo Bread Maker" is responsible for your breakfast, you are responsible for good morning!

Completely new and improved baking technology, play with the new generation of food baking and take breakfast every day seriously.

15 personalized recipes from bakers, each based on years of experience.

Knob control is more convenient to switch menus, easy operation, so that each production is a beautiful encounter.

The upgraded bread knife easily kneads out the tightness and stickiness of the dough, restoring the smooth, delicate flavor of the bread.

The automatic fruit and nut dispenser accurately grasps the delivery time of the fruit and nut, greatly enriches the taste and flavor of the bread.

15-Hour Preset Function

The delay timer is an important feature which allows you to load your machine with ingredients and set it to start baking before you wake up in the morning.You can set it up to 15 hours in advance.

60-Minute Keep Warm

Automatically enter the 60 minutes keep-warm state after the work is done. You deservce the freshly baked bread.

10-Minute Power off Failure

If a sudden power failure or wrong operation causes the bread maker power failure, please don't worry, the power will be automatically turned on and continue to run within 10 minutes, you can continue the steps before power off. In addition, a large LCD screen shows how the bread making is progressing.

Prepare your Delicacies in Advance:

Automatic Bread Maker With the 15-hour timer setting, you can prepare a delicious breakfast for the next day, bake with a light sound, and enjoy a quiet rest without disturbing sleep. Breadmaker comes with 1 hour auto keep warm and 10 minute power off memory.

Upgraded Baking Technology:

With a powerful motor and high-torque DC motor quiet mixing component, the bread machine can mix ingredients quickly and evenly, and double annular heating tubes make evenly colored bread with an improves the flavor of the bread.

Simple Operation:

The bread machine is equipped with a very intuitive LCD screen, and the new knob controller allows freer menu switching than traditional buttons. Just 3 steps, add ingredients, choose bread type, bread size and crust, press the "Start" button and the bread machine will knead, proof and bake for you.

Various Flavor Options:

Bread maker offers 3 capacity options: 500g, 750g, 1000g, including 8-15 slices of bread, enough for the whole family to enjoy. Level 3 crust bake, from lightly baked to very crispy, with 15 pro recipes to choose from (including gluten-free bread), or you can explore more hidden delights with the DIY feature.

Safe and Convenient:

Bread maker with stainless steel shell and cavity can solve the odor problem, the enamel process is safer to use and cleaning is more convenient, and the detachable tray can be used directly in the dishwasher.

Package include:

bread maker, non-stick loaf pan, measuring cup, spoon, teaspoon, hook, manual .

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