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-Standalone Emergency Light, V16 Hazard Presenter Signal, Approved, DGT Regulations + Hammer + Vest

-Standalone Emergency Light, V16 Hazard Presenter Signal, Approved, DGT Regulations + Hammer + Vest

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HELP FLASH is a high quality, autonomous, compact and light emergency light beacon. Approved in accordance with the current road safety regulations for V16 with idiated number PC 19080098.

Easy Use: its operation is very simple: on and off automatic: as soon as it is positioned with the base imantada, it is activated. Easy and intuitive operation in stress situations.

The beacon emits intense auto yellow flash with high intensity LED (65 effective candelas) covering 360 ° and thanks to its magnetic base, it is held to the surface of the car or other fertile surfaces.

Use HELP FLASH-This Beacon serves as general emergency signalling, but is especially effective in road safety in cases of stop, malfunction or accident. By simply placing it on the roof or bionda, you will be able to immediately alert a roadblock, and reduce your stress level to make decisions. Always take the equipment to your reach, in the glove box, or in your motorcycle's suitcase. Use it when you need to be seen or located. Always put the equipment before leaving the car, at the highest possible point to be seen from afar, and avoid the dangers of placement of triangles. Dimensions: 8,5 cms diameter x 5 cms.

Speed: vehicle marked and located in seconds

Powerful: The vehicle becomes visible at 1 km. In low visilibility conditions


Operation as beacon: in case of emergency, position it on the roof or fertile surface for the magnet to be activated and the beacon light will be lit. Place it on the vehicle and call emergency. It also has MANUAL activation with the top button (for canvas or glass panoramic roofs). And with one hand.

Function as a flashlight: manually or automatically, you can select this function from your FLASH HELP, with white light.

Technical specification

IP54 protection: waterproof.

Wind resistance 180Pa

Temperature-10 °C up to 50 °C

Yellow Color Auto

Battery Operated: 9V (6LR61) -square-included (battery stability 36 months-battery replacement is recommended every 3 years)-autonomy: 2,5 hours in emergency mode/5 hours in Flashlight mode.

Visibility + 1 km

Frequency between 0,8 and 1Hz

Advantages of the FLASH HELP beacon versus other signalling:

No need to leave the vehicle for itulization in case of emergency.

Simple and intuitive handling so that anyone can use it.

Perfect operation even in adverse weather conditions.

In normal visibility situations the beacon can be seen from points above 1km away.

Performance immediately.

Fit for any vehicle.

Approved in accordance with the order PC/810/2018 of 27 July, and with instruction 18/V-132 of the Directorate-General for traffic, dated 21 December 2018.

The HELP FLASH device has been certified by the accredited entity IDIADA Automotive Technology, S.A., and is registered with the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, with idized number PC 19080098

Manufactured in Spain.

And, as a gift, an item valued at more than 10 €: a high visibility vest. 100% polyester.

Approved in ISO 20471 class 2.

With 2 horizontal reflective bands.

Front opening with velcro.

Size fits all XL

For its part, the emergency hammer is an indispensable: it can break the car window in an emergency situation: it uses the tip to break the glass easily, and the flat part to cause fragmentation

It incorporates a built-in sharp blade and scamotted on the handle, so that the belt can be cut in case of need. When you need it, the sheet can quickly cut your seat belt to get out of the car.

Portable, compact and lightweight, with comfortable and non-slip handle. This emergency hammer is priced, but life is not an indispensable safety tool, whether in the car, by bus or by train. With an emergency hammer you'll be safer on the road and you can help other people.

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