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WX-101 Electrostatic Powder Coating System Machine 45L with Spraying Gun Sprayer 550G (40W 50L) Capacity

WX-101 Electrostatic Powder Coating System Machine 45L with Spraying Gun Sprayer 550G (40W 50L) Capacity

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Product Description

Features & Details

  • EXCELLENT QUALITY- Powder Coating Machine adopts high-quality stainless steel; it has the advantages of rust prevention, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, etc. The appearance is smooth and smooth, and the workpiece has no dead angle. High sensitivity and durability.
  • TWO CENTRAL GAS- Electrostatic Spraying Equipment features two interior gas design, so that the needle is no longer needle-guided fluid powder, to enhance the discharge effect, improve the rate of the powder. Rotating atomized airflow can significantly improve the quality of the coating.

  • EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE- Large flow of pneumatic components, in the smaller air pressure, Electrostatic Spraying Equipment can still achieve higher powder. Thickening resistance to puncture the tip, the low maintenance rate.

  • CIRCUIT PROTECTION- With circuit protection, voltage self-adjusting function, to ensure a perfect spraying effect. High voltage module near the nozzle, low voltage loss, replaceable high voltage components to bring convenience to the maintenance.

  • WIDELY USED- Powder coating setup is widely used in home appliances, hardware, security doors (windows), heat sinks, construction, auto parts, sports equipment, medical equipment, aluminum, and other industries.

Key Features

  • Premium Material

    The powder bucket is made of stainless steel, with a humanized design, and the widened frame increases the load-bearing capacity.

  • Control Panel

    Each function is clearly labeled and easy to adjust. The powder is smooth and sprayed evenly, which is convenient for your use.

  • Oil-Water Separator

    Electrostatic Manual Powder Coating has an oil-water separator. Filter water, oil, and clean gas in the compressor to ensure efficient separation effect

  • Portable Push-Pull Wheel

    Powder Coating Machine Electrostatic has four universal wheels, a mobile push-pull wheel design, easy to move, save time and effort, suitable for a variety of working environments.

  • High-Quality Spray Gun

    The Powder Coating Gun is durable and lightweight, and the powder output effect is efficient and smooth. The Spraying Gun Paint adopts an ergonomic handle design to reduces the pressure caused by long-term spraying force on the arm.

  • Wide Application

    Electrostatic powder spraying equipment is widely used in home appliances, hardware, security doors and windows, construction, auto parts, sports equipment, medical equipment, and other industries.

Electrostatic Powder Coating Machine 

Electrostatic Powder Coating Machine is a dry finishing process, using finely ground particles of pigment and resin that are generally electrostatically charged and sprayed onto electrically grounded parts. The charged powder particles adhere to the elements and are held there until melted and fused into a smooth coating in a curing oven.

  • Excellent Quality
  • Two Central Gas
  • Excellent Performance
  • Circuit Protection


  • Power Voltage: AC 110V (US)/ AC 220V (EU/AU)
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Sprying Rate: 550g/min.
  • Input Power: 40W
  • Electromagnetic Valve Control Power Voltage: DC 24V
  • Maximum Output Current: 200Ua
  • Input Air Pressure: 0-0.6Mpa
  • Output Air Pressure: 0-0.5Mpa
  • Max. Air Consumption: 13.2m3/H
  • Output Powder Volume: Max. 550g/Min
  • Output Power Voltage: 0-100kv
  • Polarity: Negative
  • Gun Weight: 480g
  • Length Of Gun Cable: 4 m
  • Powder Hopper Volume: 45L
  • Size: 520*520*660 mm
  • V/N Weight: 35 kg/28 kg
  • Powder Coating Applicable: All Kinds Of Powder Without The Metals
Package Contents
  • 1 × Manual Powder Gun With Gun Cable
  • 1 × Powder Gun Spare Parts
  • 1 × Control Unit
  • 1 × Powder Injector
  • 1 × Fluidized Powder Hopper
  • 1 × Trolley
  • 1 × Oil-Water Separator
  • 1 × Pressure Regulating Valve
  • 1 × Powder Hose ,Air Tubes ,Grounding Line


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